Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 1

Anjana, working in a MNC , is a workaholic and gorgeous looking, childish, energetic girl who used to attract guys like magnets with her charm. She was very naughty in her home. She was always playing pranks with her brother and most of the time he used to get scoldings for what she did ..
Anju!!!! Anju!!!! Its already 7 dear plz get up soon. That was Kodhai, Anjana’s mother in her sweetest voice.
Ma I have got ready and am waiting for your breakfast!!!!! Whats special today?????
Kodhai :: Today I have prepared Kancheepuram idli…
Ma plz don bore me with this type of a breakfast, plz get me vegetable rice and paneer butter masala…
She was telling this aloud when she heard her mother’s voice “Will prepare all this only if you get up from your bed. Are you going to get up or not Anju :-X”
Then only Anjana realized that she had been sleeping all this time dreaming of her favourite recipe …
Once she got up, she performed her routine activities(which includes only brushing and bathing). She was the pet in her family and hence she did not help her mother in any way. She did not know abc of cooking. Her parents gave her full freedom. She did not even have her food on her own, always mom used to feed her.
At Anjana’s office:
Hey Anjana come on lets go and have a cup of coffee!!!!!!!!! – It was Anjana’s close friends in office.
Can you please get me a cup and give me????? Sorry dear I have lots of work to complete
Hey idiot love your work but don get addicted to it like this :-X :-X You never know when your company will stop loving you!!!!! Whatever we say, you never change!!!! It’s a waste talking to you…. Hey come on girls lets go…..
She used to even have lunch at her desk sometimes at 4.30 in the noon… sometimes not at all … She returns late after finishing all her work and also helping others in their work…
At Anjana’s home, one fine day at 10 PM:
Hey come on Anju, I know that you are very tired now. I have prepared your favourite dishes: Chapathi, palak paneer, gulab jamoon. Come and have dear, Kodhai said and kissed her.
Anju was confused to see her mom so sweet instead of scolding her for coming late.
After dinner,
Ma the dishes were sooooooooooooooooo good… Thanks for preparing all my favourite dishes….
Kodhai :: No prob dear. After all its my duty. Am going to perform one of my most important duty soon . Come to the hall, all are waiting for you!!!!!!
It was Anju’s dad who broke the silence
Anju kutti, you have grown up da. Its time for you to get married….

Anju: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She could not believe her ears…. She was only focused in her career and did not want this to happen…

Lets wait and watch what happens next


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