Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 2

Anju: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She could not believe her ears…. She was only focused in her career and did not want this to happen…

Anju : What ma!!!! …. I feel that I have to focus on my career now before I get married. After marriage we would not have time to focus much on work and would need to maintain a work life balance. Please don start this topic until I say yes for marriage…. plzzzzzzzz

Kodhai : But we feel that its time for you to get married. Even your best friend Ramya who is working with you has got married, she is even having a kid. Please understand that we are also getting old and that we need to complete our main duties.

This topic continued like this……. Finally Anju ended the topic with

“Please ma and pa understand one thing. I love you both so much and since you have given me lots of freedom and you have always done things as per my wish, I would like to return the favor by doing only arranged marriage. But please give me one or two years to get settled in my career life…. Please understand my position…….”

Anju’s dad (Krishna) : Leave her Kodhai. Her point is valid. Lets wait until she says ok.

Anju jumps up and down with joy… As usual the fun in the family is restored. All the family members enjoy listening to Backstreet boys song “Get Down”…

But life has its own twists:

At Anju’s office, next day:

Normally Anju will be the first person to be in office, but that day it was a surprise for her to see Srinath sitting in her place!!!!!!

Srinath: Hi Anju!!!! Good morning!!!!!

Anju: What a pleasant surprise, why so early??? Want to use my system???

Srinath: No no not at all. I felt comfortable in your place…

Anju got confused…. But she got to work as usual…

Suddenly she opened the drawer (Srinath’s heart beat raced when Srinath heard the sound and he was drenched with sweat) and found a bunch of roses with a letter.

When she opened the letter and read it, she found that it was a love letter from Srinath. A very decent love letter!!!!!!!!!!

Love Letter:

Hi Smiling Beauty,

You are always focused on your career and work. I want to tell you one thing, please note that I will be a ladder in your career life!!!!!
But I wanted to tell that there is also a wonderful world outside, where you can get more joy still focusing on your career and work.
In that wonderful world, only two people are allowed. I am already there, would you also come with me????? Please accompany me to that world by marrying me….. Would you?????

Your ladder,

Wait for Anju’s reaction ….


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