Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 3

Anju started to think of how she first met Srinath………………

After six months of bench life in a MNC, atlast Anju was attending training for joining a new project. Once Anju was into the project, Srinath was asked to mentor her. Initially he did not reply whenever she asked queries and whenever she went to his place, he would not be there in his place.

Anju’s Lead Viru: Read the document XXXXX. Once you are done with that you can start with the project work.

Srinath did not give her that document.

Srinath: Complete this document YYYYYYY after which you can read the document XXXXX.

Document YYYYYYY had 500 + pages :’-(. Anju was seeing(note seeing not even reading) the first page for 5 days. But could not even understand a word.

Then an incident happened which changed her work life and made her a workaholic like this:

Her brother had come from US after a long gap and he wanted her to take a break and spend time with him. But Anju could not take leave as she had a four day training in that week and he had to leave on Friday. Hence Anju planned to take leave on Friday. Anju applied leave for Friday.

After which Viru called her:

Viru: Anju, I saw that you had applied leave for Friday.

Anju: Yes, I have to take leave due to a personal work.

Viru: You attended four days of training and Friday you have applied leave. You have not done anything in the project side this week. Ok tell me, have you completed reading the document XXXXX?

Anju: No Viru, I have not yet started. Srinath asked me to complete the document YYYYYYY before reading that document. But I was not able to understand that, I used to ask Srinath but he was very busy. Hence could not complete that document.

Viru: What you have not even started reading the document!!!!! :-X…. You should have informed me this before. Leave that document and start reading the document that I told. And I also wish to inform you that you are not mingling with other team members. If you do not get your query resolved from Srinath, approach other senior team members and get it resolved. And also, for whatever issues, you have to approach me immediately and get it resolved. I heard that you were grumbling that you are in project bench for a long time and that you want to start project work soon. But when given a work, you dint do it. I do not want any such issues hereafter.

Anju: Sure Viru. You would surely see a change in me hereafter.

Viru: Srinath give her the document XXXXX written by you. Anju go through the document and provide the comments about the document to Srinath.

Anju: Thank you Viru. Sure I would go through the document and come up with the review comments.

After this, Srinath started feeling sorry for her and started helping her in all her project work. She studied the document at a stretch, had few queries which Srinath clarified then and there and she provided the comments on the mistakes in the document, the same day.

Viru: I saw the comments given by you. Great that you have completed the document so fast and given the comments!!!! Good job but hereafter try to analyze the business requirements and give comments on the testcases that can be added.

After which her life changed, she kept on asking queries to everyone in the team and everyone knew her well. She herself created a test plan, tested the feature manually, of course with the help of Srinath. He taught her each and everything, which she grasped quickly. Automated the test cases. Started working full fledged in the project. Whatever issues she had, Srinath would help her.

Viru started praising her for whatever outstanding things that she contributed to the project. Other than her project work, she innovated things which made her popular in her team. This made her crazy about her work and ignited a fire inside her to keep on proving herself every day.

But she had never felt Srinath’s love for her till that day since she was totally into proving herself.

He had helped her a lot and he had only molded her into what she is today. The way he had expressed his love was also touching.

But she had never seen him that way. In fact Anju had always felt that, just like her brother was a role model for her, he too was a role model for her. The way he debugged issues, automated scripts was wonderful and she felt that she had a lot to learn from him.

Not just this stopped her from accepting his love. The most important thing that stopped her from accepting was her parents’ trust in her when she told that she would not love anyone and would only accept their choice. She felt proud when she thought about them and their love. She decided that she would never let them down in any way.

Suddenly she got a call from her mother which brought her back to the real world!!!!

Anju decided to tell her opinion to him before their teammates came, so that no one knew about his love.

She could see that Srinath was curious to know what she would tell. She went near him. His heart skipped a beat.

Anju: Srinath, you helped me a lot and molded me into what I am today in my career. You are a role model for me and I am sorry I dint have such feelings for you. Even though u expressed your love in a decent way and said that u would be a ladder in my career life, I have promised my parents to marry a guy according to their wish. Please do understand me and continue to be my role model.

Srinath was a little bit sad but he understood her situation. As she wished, he continued to be her role model…………

What happens next?????


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