Beauty and the beast :)

There was a whiff of fresh air blowing on my face and the picturesque waters of Langkawi seemed more beautiful than ever.. What with my heartthrob Cathy, dressed in a stunning white wedding gown and looking drop-dead gorgeous, running in from behind to clutch my hands. She looked like a sweet angel and I was completely mesmerized and soaked by her charm. The walk on the wet beaches was heavenly.

I was wearing a light brown Sathya Paul wedding suit and was holding onto a bunch of white rose in my hand. Not to miss the opportunity, I quickly recovered from the trance, and the first thing that came across my mind was – “Oh my God, Is this real ?? Oh you beauty ! How did you decide to marry me???!!!!”

I was at a loss of words and was gaping for my breath. I have been trying to strike a conversation for the last few minutes but just could not utter a word. Finally I spoke – “Sweetie – You look out of the world ! Will you marry me Cathy dear?”

I could see her lips moving and heard her saying “Yes for sure Mr. Madhur”

I just could not hold back when I felt her lips were very close to mine. I hugged her and gave her a neat kiss.

I got a tight slap on my face !!

I was confused ! When I opened my eyes, I had a horror of my lifetime. My wife was on top of me with a predatory rage. But hold on, this time she had taken it to a different level altogether – She had a knife just above my head and was bellowing “Who the hell is that Cathy??”


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