Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 4

Time went by and after two years:

One fine day,

Srinath gave an invitation to Anju.

Srinath: I wanted to give the first invitation to you!!!! . I was inspired by your words and I decided to leave the choice of choosing my partner to my parents.

Anju: Wow Congrats!!!! Srinidhi Srinath!!!! Wonderful name combination… Wishing you a happy and peaceful married life. Is she working?

Srinath: Yes she is working…

Anju: Could you please do one favour for me?

Srinath: Tell me what is it?

Anju: You told that you would be a ladder in my career life. Please be a ladder in your wife’s life. As a married girl, she would have lots and lots of responsibilities. Please help her in all her activities so that she would have a work life balance. Else it would become hectic for her.

Srinath: Sure I will take care of her like a queen.

Anju: That’s nice to hear.

Meanwhile since the time she had asked for(two years),was over. Anju’s parents decided to search a suitable alliance for her.

She had no other go, other than accepting their decision now…

They provided her details in their respective sites and books.

From then on, it was a biggggggggggggggggg process…..

Every second there was a call from some boy’s house. Her mother spoke to them and kept jotting down their details. They screened all the profiles…. The screening took few months….

Finally there came a suitable alliance, Aravind who decided to come and see Anju the next week…

Will Aravind tie the knot to Anju????? Lets wait and see….


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