Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 5

On the day of Aravind’s arrival,

At Anju’s office:

Anju was not enthusiastic about the marriage plan …

Suddenly she got a mail alert…..

She opened her mail box and saw the rating mail… And WOWWWWWWWWWW she had got the first rating……. Not only that, her manager had written an entire page of appreciation about her….

She just jumped with joy and was on cloud nine. At last I have got the recognition that I deserve!!!!!!!!!!!

She worked with even more rigor and enthusiasm…

Suddenly she got another email alert…..

She opened her mail box and bang came the mail of the winners in the singing competition which she had participated with full josh for the first time a few days back …. To her astonishment,

She had got the first prize……. She checked her mail 2 -3 times to see if it was true…..

Then suddenly she remembered that Aravind would be coming to see her that day… She thought “Probably he is lucky for me”..

At Anju’s Home:
Kodhai was busy preparing dishes for Aravind’s family…
The dishes were rasagulla, gulab jamoon and other milk sweets, mixture, samosa…

Anju was in her normal chudidhar which she had worn to office that day since she had come home late due to work.

She started feeling nervous as she had not spoken much to guys… She was about to go to a room and hide there, but before she could, Aravind entered with a smile on his face….

She blushed without knowing what to do…. Her heart was beating soooooooooooooo fast……

Her hands and legs learnt the art of break dance involuntarily

As usual, their parents started speaking about their family, when Aravind’s mother asked Aravind to speak to Anju in a room separately….

Lets see the conversation they had in the next post…….


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