Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 6

Aravind admired her each and every gestures. Every gesture reinforced her sweet and childish nature as informed by his best friend Srinath(the guy who proposed Anju)!!!!!

Then he saw Chetan Bhagat’s novel “Two States” book on her desk.

He took the book and and asked her have u completed this novel?
Anju: Not completely. I will finish within today.

At that time, Anju went out and got him a cup of coffee.

In the mean time, Aravind saw the page where she had kept the bookmark. He took his pen and he started writing in that page.

Anju came inside and both din’t know what topic to speak.

Aravind: I have always wished for marrying a career oriented girl and wanted to prove that behind a woman’s success, a man could be there :).. As always, the vice versa is prominently talked about everywhere..

Anju thought in her mind “Wowww he is exactly the type of guy, I wish to marry.. But I do not know any other thing about him till now… Let’s see..”

Aravind : what are your plus points?

Anju: I will grasp things easily when told to me rather than reading it myself..

Aravind: oh.. is that so???? sounds good..let me check out ur grasping power!!! I will tell u some mixed numbers,, u must repeat correctly after I say!!!


Aravind: 0123456

Anju: oh its so easy and even the kids will repeat this.(she repeated  the numbers what he told)

Aravind:well now I will say the numbers fast..listen carefully….” 8056672139”

Anju: 8056672139 … am I right?

Aravind: yes and for your kind information, its my number. Hope you won’t forget as u have great grasping.

Anju blushed

Aravind: what are your likes and dislikes?

Anju: I like Milky bar, gulab jamoon, all sweets.. north Indian dishes…. what are your likes and dislikes?

Aravind: If you are asking at this moment,, then my answer is “I like you”

Aravind said this at a stretch and came out of the room..

Both parents were happy with each other and they left the decision to Anju and Aravind.

Aravind sighed a thumbs-up gesture to his parents and their parents too told that they were happy and their son likes Anju.

After they left Anju’s Home..

Kodhai: Anju, we liked the boy and his family, did u like him? Anyways u take ur own time and say ur opinion soon!!!

Anju: Dad, do you think that the boy does not have any bad habits?

Krishna: Yes ma, as far as I saw him, the way he interacted, I felt that he is a good boy.. Now I leave it to you, to decide ma..

She liked him but she din’t know how to convey her message to her parents immediately. She went inside her room and saw the novel. Opened the bookmark page and saw the wordings “You are the only one I’ll ask WILL YOU MARRY ME??”

Yes.. she liked him too. She went to her parents and said “I will marry him, since you like this alliance”

Anju’s Parents were very happy.. Anju’s mom called Aravind’s mom to convey this information. When Aravind heard the news, he jumped out with joy.

He went out and bought a box of milky bar and rushed to her home.

Kept the chocolates and a thank you note, rang the calling bell and he started off to his home without meeting her or her parents.

He hoped that her memory power will not be in vain!!!!


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