Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 7

It was Anju who opened the door.

She was spell bound on seeing the gifts… She liked him even more for making her feel sooo special . She wished him to be near to celebrate this moment of joy. Her mind came up with a special plan for him for making him feel special.

Here, Aravind kept on singing the song “Azhaipaaya Azhaipaaya” meaning “Will you call, Will you call”… He was very dull and disappointed as the day ended in vain. As a mother Sudha, who could understand his every move, planned to help him.

She called Anju’s home and conveyed to her that Aravind’s grandmother likes to speak to her. “Anju, if you are okay, shall I give your number to his grandmother?”

Anju was okay for that, after all she was very respectful and gave her mobile number to her.

Even Anju’s mind was behind Aravind. She thought, why not Aravind accidentally get her number from his mother and call her, as she also wanted to speak to him. She started longing for his call, and what a coincidence! She was also singing the same song!

Anju felt different, as she had first time fallen in love. She felt Love as a magic which turned her life, thinking and behavior upside down just by being with him for few moments.

Here, Aravind was overjoyed as his Mom had got her number. But both went on thinking as how far Anju’s family would take this matter if Aravind rings her before engagement.

Aravind’s family had already planned for a trip to visit few temples and they packed for their trip. The trip went on for two days and both of them started longing to talk to each other.

She expected at least a text from him and kept on staring at her mobile screen, but in vain.

Looking at Aravind, Sudha decided to talk to Anju and called her. After exchanging the formalities,

Sudha: Hi Anju, Aravind likes to speak to you. I would like to speak to your parents to understand if they would mind, him talking to you before Engagement. Beforehand I would like to know your opinion dear..

Anju: Aunty, I will ask my parents and let you know

Sudha: Ok dear take care… Will that be okay for you if I call you by 6 in the evening?

Anju: Ok Aunty..

Anju was too shy to tell her parents but as clock was running as like in a running competition, she at last decided to tell her father. She went to her mother and conveyed the message to her.

Kodhai discussed with Anju’s father who was a bit hesitant first. Kodhai made him understand that it is natural and convinced him for that matter. Kodhai was a forward thinking personality and not reluctant to accept the wishes of the younger generation. For her, parents have to understand the fast growing world and people should adapt accordingly for a peaceful survival.

Even Kodhai wanted Anju to spend some time talking to Aravind for her to understand if the relationship would work before they trap into the marriage bond! She waved a green signal for Anju and encouraged her to speak to Aravind. Anju started feeling restless and was looking forward for the clock to tick 6′.

Sudha was quite busy with her relatives at home. By then Anju was too tensed and her mind started thinking what went wrong and why aunt did not call her yet.

Time was 6:45′. Waving a goodbye to her relatives, Sudha came to the phone and called Anju immediately as Aravind was restless from the time clock ticked 6′

Tring Tring.. Tring Tring.. As Anju was carrying her mobile all the time with her.. she immediately attended the call.

Sudha: Anju, this is Sudha dear..
Anju: Good evening Aunty!

Sudha: Good Evening dear, How was your day?
Anju: It was good aunty. so how was yours?

Sudha: Good ma.. I had few unexpected relatives at home by evening and had to spend some time with them till they started off from home..
Anju: oh ok.. Aunty..

Sudha: Is there anything special from your side?
Anju blushed for few seconds and responded to her: Mom and Dad are okay with it

Sudha: Good to hear Anju, let me first tell this to Aravind. Take care..Convey my regards to your parents. Good night dear!
Anju: Good night Aunty, take care!

Anju was in cloud nine and she was unable to believe what was happening..

Her mobile started ringing.. It was a call from a number which she had stored in her heart(note not even mind ).. Its none other than Aravind!!!

And whats next.. lets see in the next part


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