Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 8

Aravind called Anju immediately…

Anju left the room blushing and rushed upstairs….

Aravind: Thank you for accepting my proposal Anju… If I had not got you in my life, I would not have married anyone in this world….

Anju: Really????? I know it’s not the case … she giggles…

Aravind: I promise dear… When I saw you blushing when I entered your house, I was blown away…. Then each and every gesture and move of yours, attracted me towards you…. I have never ever seen a girl as childish and sweet like you… I feel gifted for having got you as my wife!!!!

Anju: Thank you (blushing, her cheeks were blood red )… [She was not sure whether she can call him with his name]… I never felt that I would decide about my life within twenty minutes :O…. And also that I would become mad about a person in just three days….

Aravind: Are you really mad about me??? I can’t believe my ears!!!!!!

Anju: Yes I feel that I have become mad about u…. Every second, I was staring at my mobile after your mom got my number…. I have never been like this… Do you know one thing???? I was keeping my mobile under my pillow, even while sleeping…. And I used to wake up in the night often to see if I had got any messages or calls ….

Aravind: Oh am sorry da… I went on a tour and my mom wanted to confirm with your parents before we speak, so was eagerly waiting to come back and speak to you… Why did you not call me?

Anju: Girls never call guys first … I was sure my parents would not agree for me calling you first….

Aravind: That’s ok no problem da… You are forgiven … Ok tell me what all you like????

Anju: Now I would say I like you …. I generally like Milky bar, gulab jamoon, all sweets.. north Indian dishes, especially paneer butter masala, Nav Rathna kurma…. I like solving puzzles…. Writing codes to provide solutions to problems… And I get the satisfaction, once I am able to solve the puzzle or come up with the logic … In colour, I like Red and honey…. In flowers, I like red rose…. I like teddy bears… I like watching movies…. I always keep listening to music, I love it sooooooooooooo much… Even during work, I always have my handsfree plugged to my ears….

She kept on listing her likes and then asked him his likes:

Aravind: I don’t have any preferences like you….. Anything is fine for me… Till now I have not had any big likes or dislikes… I accept life as it comes…. But you are the only one whom I badly wanted to marry…. Thank you once again for accepting me…. With so many likes and dislikes preferences, you have chosen me, that’s a very greatttt thing!!!!!!

Anju: There is nothing great in that!!!!! I liked you very much and my parents also liked you and your family very much. They thought that I would be happy in your home…

Aravind: Great that they have a thought like that… I will do my level best to ensure that you are happy throughout our life…. I will make you feel as how you were in your home…. Don’t worry, I will take care of you like my kid… Ok dear my mom is calling me…. Will call you later….


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