Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 9

A week later(ON FEB 14):

Anju was expecting a message from Aravind and so did Aravind.. Both were eager to express their feelings for each other..

Suddenly a messaged beeped in Anju’s mobile:

Yes it was Aravind!!!!! She opened with full enthu..

Aravind’s Message : Hi Chellu.. Good Morning.:) Have a nice day!!!!

Anju was driven away by his affectionate word..But she expected the most important message from him and was a bit disappointed for not getting it.

Anju replied: Have a great day .:)

She din’t want to express her feelings until he does.

Aravind:Dear..What are your plans for today??

Anju: I am going out to Citi Center..Will message you once I reach there..

Aravind: Oh ok dear take care…I am getting ready for meeting my cousin who has come from onsite today. Will call you later. Bye for now..Be safe..

Anju: Do you what day today is????

Aravind: Ya its Saturday.

She was pissed off….

Anju : Ok… Take care. Bye …

Anju was irritated to the core for he did not express his feelings and he had forgotten that it was valentine’s day…. She started thinking that he had changed after she accepted the marriage proposal….

She felt so sad….

At Citi Center:

Anju got a call from Aravind..

Anju : Hello

Aravind:Hello Anju..

Anju heard Aravind voice over phone and an echo of his voice near her. Suddenly someone tapped Anju’s head… She turned around…

Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was Aravind..

Anju blushed and she couldn’t control her happiness.

He came near Anju and said..

“I Love You Anju.. I dint want to express it, for the first time in message cause I wanted to express it to you directly and wanted to see your happiness and take a photo of your smiling face 🙂

I love you soooooooooooooooo much”.. He said and gave a bunch of red roses and gulab jamoon sweets to her.

Anjana: I love you so much!!!!! Thank you so much, it was a sweet surprise!!!!!!

He took a photo of her with the roses

Anju’s friend told them: Take care guys, we will leave.. Day is all urs..Enjoy!!!

Anju blushed!!!!!!

Anju: I have something for u..

She gifted a wallet……

Aravind: Hey thanks a lot de sweetie pie.. I just wanted to give you your birthday present now.. Shall we go for shopping?

Anju: But my birthday is only next month. You got confused??

Aravind: No will I? I am going to onsite next month dear..I am sorry that I couldn’t be there with you on your birthday 😦


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