Anju was shocked and her heart was feeling heavy when she heard about his travel to onsite..

Anju: But you did not discuss with me before…

Aravind: Yes, even I din’t know that this opportunity will come so soon..Will miss you a lot.

Anju: But… I am really disappointed a lot, to be frank..

Anju’s face was soooo sad and her eyes were filled with tears and her heart longed for him.

Aravind: Hey my little angel,,,I simply said to check your reaction…Sorryyyyyyy da chellu!!!! I could clearly see how much love you have on me!!!! Wowww…. I am really lucky..(He was blushing)

Anju was feeling soooo happy…Then he gifted her a new mobile with a CUG SIM FOR HER…Both became close to each other day by day

On Anju’s Birthday:

Aravind called her at 12 ‘0 clock in the morning..

Anju: Hello!!!!

Aravind: Wish u many more happy returns of the day dear!!! Have a happy day..

Anju:Thanks a lot for your wish. I am very very happy to get the first call from you

Aravind: Since I may come home late from office today,, I am sorry that I could not meet you..Shall we meet tomorrow dear?

Anju: Ok… No problem..

Anju longed to see Aravind becoz it was her first birthday after his entry into her life…

Aravind called Anju in the evening::::

Aravind: Started from the office Anju??

Anju: Yes ..Am starting from my desk..

Aravind: Ok dear… go home safe and message me

Anju was leaving out of her office…. Aravind was waiting for her in the reception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Anju saw Aravind and was jumping in joy..

Aravind: Happy Birthday my sweet angel:).. and he gave a present to her
Anju: Thanks a lot ….Anju opened carefully and was curious to know what it is!!!
Anju saw chappatis and paneer butter masala:).. She saw Aravind confused!!!

Aravind: Hey why do you look confused… I learnt it from my mom today and made it for you, as u had said that it is your favourite dish…

Anju: Thanks a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…You are chooooooooooo sweet..

She came near Aravind… Held his hands

and said Thank you so much for coming into my life..I was feeling bad as if why my parents compelled for marriage so soon,, but now I realize what a wonderful wise decision they have taken to bring you into my life … You are the best husband one could get in life…… I cannot bear the happiness that our engagement is going to happen in a week…..

Both of them were full of enthusiasm as the engagement was nearing… Both the families were gearing up for the function.

Everything was totally new to Anju…

Her friend Pooja: Hey stupid girl do a facial before engagement. I have never seen a girl like you who is earning but not spending even a single paise for herself… Also have an oil massage for your hair….

Anju never knew that it would be a wonderful experience and was reluctant to do it as she had gone to beauty parlour only for trimming her hair and all these ideas were totally new to her: O….

Anju was totally different by nature.

Of course she dressed well, wore matching ornaments etc still she was not interested in beautifying herself by going to a beauty parlour. Leave alone beauty parlour, she was not even interested in applying powder or cream on her face. Yet she was bright and beautiful .

Dresses of all colours and also all types of dresses would suit her. So she did not bother about doing a facial or choosing a different hair style…

Pooja: Experience the magical feeling you would get in a beauty parlour de. If you don’t go to the beauty parlour, I won come to your engagement .

So she went to the beauty parlour half hearted.

In the beauty parlour:

Anju: I want to do a facial and oil massage for my hair.

Receptionist: Maam, please find the list of facials available in our parlour.

She was surprised to see these many facials. So she called Pooja to ask which facial she should do…

Pooja: Hey do “Fruit facial” because that would not affect your skin.

Anju: Ok I would like to do a Fruit Facial, she said to the receptionist…

The facial was simply a wonderful experience and she was feeling warm and happy, she forgot the present and drifted to the thoughts about the engagement saree purchase day…..

Anju wanted to gift something special for him as she was sooooooooooo moved by his love…. She wanted to express her love for him….

She had taken both their photos to the Kodak and had imprinted the photos on a mug and a keychain…

She had bought a Fast track watch and had packed all these gifts herself …

Anju was looking extraordinarily cute on that day…. She had taken a hair bath and had worn a bright dress which added to her beauty and she had come with free hair.

Aravind was mesmerized on seeing her beauty….

He wanted to hug her, but controlled himself.

He went close to her and whispered in her ears “You are gorgeous dear. I can’t wait to marry you”.

Anju blushed and then gave him the gifts…

He opened one by one by and was shocked to see so many gifts!!!!! He was moved on seeing the mug and the key chain. He immediately wore the watch she gave him.

Anju: Just like how I am thinking about you every second, you need to think about me every second, that’s why I have gifted you a watch…

Then they started the saree purchase. When she kept the saree and saw whether it suited her, he was enjoying the beauty of his wife …

He was imagining how she would be if she wore the saree and even when he was standing near her, he drifted to a dream as though he was putting his arms around her shoulders and that she was wearing the same saree after their marriage, when Anju brought him back to reality by tapping on his shoulders. Then they selected the saree together. It was greenish blue with light green border colour saree…

Lets how the engagement goes in the next part…


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