All Alone

Yes, this is the first time I have set my foot on a foreign country.. I am going to experience an enjoyable change in my daily routine..

I have so many plans lined up for treasuring moments before I leave back to my native. Bally Money tops the list.. Though it was eerie looking in the pic taking during the night time, the pics taken during the morning time was simply awesome..

Even before landing in Ireland, on seeing the pic, I felt like going for a slow walk all alone in that pleasant environment surrounded by mist, where I could just get mingled with nature and enjoy the chill weather which was quite impossible in my native.

I decide to go on an adventurous trip to the Bally Money alone that too during the night :P…

The fact is that, after watching a horror movie at home, I do not leave my mom’s hand till I fall asleep for at least 20 days..I know what is going on in your mind… Fate some times drives you crazy to follow your heart in the path you never even dream of..

I reach Bally Money at 7 pm.. It is slightly dark at that time.. I feel pretty bold right now… I am happily listening to all the cool romantic breezy songs that I have loaded in my mobile along with the cool breeze. I start singing in a loud voice as no one can tease me that ‘I am not even fit to be a bathroom singer…’

I notice the time only when I get bored of listening to the songs that I have loaded and switch to the FM Radio… When I check the time, it is 9.30 pm…

It is spooky dark.. That is when fear started growing in each and every cell of my body… To add fuel to the fire, the song that is being played in the FM is that of the horror movie Pizza…Even a minute pin dropping sound would have made me afraid of my own shadow, that is when my friend Revathy woke me up asking me to get ready to visit Bally Money 🙂


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