My dear Chimmi – Part 1

It was on a rainy day, when Chimmi came into my life. She looked like an angel when she passed the glass window of my classroom. I saw her side pose, her chubby cheeks, her long cute earrings which kissed her neck in regular intervals, her sharp nose, her thick eyelashes and a strand of hair falling on her cheeks. Suddenly she entered our classroom with her dad accompanying her, she was closing her eyes. I was admiring her round shaped rasagulla face.. Her face was absolutely flawless. I knew that from the moment I saw her, I wanted to be her friend.

Her father was talking about her to our teacher, I was least bothered to listen to what he was talking. I kept on looking at her and waiting for her beautiful eyes to look at me. Her father left the classroom.. Our teacher told “Welcome your new classmate Chimmi.. Treat her with utmost care and love, she is a very lovely girl..” Saying so she helped Chimmi to sit in the first bench.. I was sitting in the last bench as usual.

As soon as our teacher left, I rushed and sat near Chimmi. I whispered in her ears.. “Will you be my friend?”.


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