One day,

I had a critical deliverable to deliver, so I dint bother to see the pings or turn around, look at the clock…

Suddenly when I tried to stretch my body… I found that the girl who sits near me(who used to work till late night everyday) was missing…

I stood up and searched the whole bay to see if someone was there, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo one was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I checked the nearby bays, I found that no one was working there also….

I saw the time in my system, it was showing 11:45… I had never worked in office later than 9.30…. I was shocked to see the time!!!!!!!!!

When I stood up this time, my legs started shaking… My hands were shivering, I dint know what to do….

I started walking towards the restroom, when I felt someone was following me… I thoroughly checked all the bays around my bay to confirm no one was playing with me…. There was no one, confirmed!!!!!

After I swiped out and came, I would have kept two steps ahead when I heard a swiping sound… I saw the bay door getting opened but noone came out(at least as far I knew)…. I felt like, I need to run but I could not move my legs….

After sometime, I dunno what happened but I was able to move my legs….

There was no security in our floor… Only in the reception we had security…

I was in the 11th floor :’(…

I went to the restroom… After I closed my door, I heard like all the other doors were getting closed and opened… Suddenly I felt someone catching my hand, literally I got a heart attack….

I closed my eyes to relax myself, but I could see only several horrible figures… So I never dared to close my eyes after that….

I immediately rushed out of the restroom and washed my hands when I felt that someone was pushing me towards the mirror…

I could not stand it anymore… I immediately rushed to my bay, again I heard a swipe sound after mine… I took my bags….

Suddenly the keys in my keyboard got pressed on its own and my system got unlocked…. A notepad got opened and keys got pressed again and i saw “I am going to kill you” typed in it….

I began to run, I saw one chair coming near me… It tried to stop me, but I just fled aways… Swiped out again….

I went near the lift area….

Our lift area had dim light settings…. The lift opened, since there was complete silence before that, the sound of lift opening was terrifying….

I got afraid that if I get caught with a ghost in a lift how to escape so I dint enter into the lift….

I went near the stair case door, opened it and just fled away…. Suddenly I felt someone pushing and I fell on the ground, my heart started beating fast…

I jumped down in the stairs and atlast reached the ground floor…. I saw the time, it was exactly 12.00 AM…

When I opened the ground floor, I saw the most horrible ghost I have ever seen…

On seeing the way she looked at me, I just fainted….

After falling down only, I realized that I had fallen down from my bed and it was just a dream….

I thanked God and slept peacefully again….


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