My marriage

15th October 2008:

@ 5 am:

A call is interrupting my sweet dreams with Rishi.. Hmmmmmmmm.. Let me check who is calling me so early in the morning!!! OMG, it’s my mom!! Where am I??? How can I forget that today is my wedding with Rishi?? Shame on me..

Sorry friends, let me introduce myself first.. I am Diya, a bubbly girl with an angelic face (ok, ok don’t look at me like that… a girl with reasonable features).. Today is going to be my marriage with Rishi at K.M.Mahal, the biggest marriage in my city. My dad had planned my marriage in this hall when I was 5 years old. We are in the second floor, Rishi’s relatives and friends are staying in the first floor. Rishi and Sudheep are staying at the ground floor. Lucky bastard, he is.. None of my friends offered to stay with me.. I am happily sleeping in my room all alone forgetting that it is going to be the most memorable day in my life. I have been waiting for this day for the past 15 years. That’s a long time isn’t it? Yes, it is..

Now that I am awake, what do you think I would do? Yes you guessed it right, I am going to call Rishi to wake him up for our most awaited special occasion. Oh wait, I did not attend my mom’s call yet.. Let me call my mom first..

“Hoi mom, what’s up?” I am asking my mom casually

“Stupid, casual dog…. Come to my room soon” My mom is yapping at me from her room..

I knew that any further delay would get me a lecture from my mom at how immature I am and how I am going to manage in my in-laws’ place :(..

@ 5.15 am:

I have managed to brush my teeth and take bath within 10 minutes for the first time in my life!!! Don’t you all think it is a great achievement.. I am going to reach my mom’s room in 10 minutes from the time I cut her call.. She is going to be dumbfounded on seeing me!!! Wait let me send you a pic of her shocked face..

There she is, getting ready as though she is the bride… Of course, she looks younger and brighter than me.. But my Rishi is enough to make me feel that I am the most beautiful girl on earth.. OMG, I am a stupid casual dog like my mom told.. I have forgotten to call Rishi and wake him up..

Tring Tring Tring Tring Tring.. The person you have called has not replied.. Please try again later..

Pick the call my sweetie pie, don’t you have to look like a hero today? I am imagining him in the wedding suite that I carefully selected after a day’s search a week back.. Oh sweetheart, let me get ready or I might look relatively ordinary before you, cos you would look quite exquisite in our wedding suite..

@ 5.30 am:

“Mom enough of acting like a bride.. First help me get ready..” I am crying to my mom feeling helpless as the time was ticking by. Only two hours to go my dear, then I am going to be your Di Ri(Yes, that is how he calls me, short form for Diya Rishi)..

Mom immediately starts working on me along with the beautician.. She is running here and there like P.T. Usha for every request of the beautician.. I am finding tears welling in my eyes thinking that I am going to miss her true love for me..

“Sorry ma’am did I hurt your eyes while applying kajal, your eyes are wet?” asks the beautician concerned..

You always show emotions at inappropriate times.. Have you faced situations like this friends?

I am just giving her a meek smile and letting her know that she din’t hurt me..

“Can you just give me 2 minutes, I need to make a phone call..” I am asking the beautician as though my life depends on that call..

“Sure ma’am take your time..”

Tring Tring Tring Tring Tring.. The person you have called has not replied.. Please try again later..

Dumbo, isn’t sleeping like a log during our wedding day too bad? Din’t your mom wake you up? When are you planning to get up? Friends, why are these guys like this? 😦

@ 6.20 am:

My beautician is almost done with the saree draping. I am wearing a turquoise blue with peacock green colour Kancheepuram silk saree with elegant peacock design in a pleasant golden colour.

I am going to check on my lazy lovable idiot..

Tring Tring Tring Tring Tring.. The person you have called has not replied.. Please try again later..

This time I am quite worried.. Once the saree draping is done, I am going to check out what he is doing in his room.

@ 6.25 am:

Saree draping is over finally. The beautician has not started applying any make-up. I am just having a normal bindhi which he likes and a normal golden stud on my ears. I am starting to his room now. Wait dear, here am on the way to blast you..

Here I am standing before his room door.. I am knocking the door.. I have knocked the door for 10 times still no response. I am turning to leave, when the door is opening.. He is coming out and pulling me inside.. I am feeling stunned at this sudden act of his.. I am getting totally confused.. He is wearing our wedding suite and all dressed up.

He locks the door and starts coming near me and tries to kiss me telling “I wanted to see you before make-up, I knew you come running to my room before make-up time worried as to what happened to me.. You look gorgeous without makeup..”

I am pushing him aside blushing and warning “No kisses before marriage.. bye”

I am opening the door and rushing to my room thinking about his mischief, blushing all the way..

I am informing the beautician to apply light make-up, as I do not want my face to look odd..

@ 7.15 am:

I am getting all set for the marriage with the final touch-up.. My mom is exclaiming on seeing me “Oh my, you look really beautiful, Rishi is going to faint on seeing you..”

I am again blushing thinking about his mischief..

@ 7.25 am:

Rishi’s mom is coming near me to take me to the stage.. Time is nearing to become DiRi.. I am feeling my heart skip a beat due to the excitement building inside me.. I am going downstairs from first floor, when I am able to feel two eyes staring at me.. Friends, are you able to guess the person??? Yes, yes, it is my Rishi 😉

I am blushing now and I am looking down at him for our eyes to meet once before marriage.. I am feeling a powerful current passing through our eyes. He suddenly is winking at him.. I am unable to react and am shifting my head to another direction for hiding my shyness.

Friends, these guys know when to do certain things to knock your socks off.. You can never fully love or hate them..

@7.30 am:

We are exchanging rings. He is gently tying the sacred thread. Now we are being declared husband and wife.. People are coming and wishing us good luck for our married life.. Now our relatives are leaving us one by one for having their breakfast. I am waiting for the opportunity to be with him all alone. I am sure that he is also waiting for the same opportunity.

We are giving different poses as instructed by our photographer thinking of the memories going to get collected in these photos. Now the photo session is going to end. We are asking our parents to have their breakfast.. Yes, the photo session is over now and I am leaving him for going to my room for refreshing and changing my dress before having breakfast.. I am hurrying to my room lest it would become late for him to have breakfast.. I am getting excited thinking about my married life in our new flat all setup according to our taste.

I am going to enter my room, when I am feeling someone hugging me tight from my back.. I am realizing that it is my Ri.. I am blushing feeling the warmth of his body.. He is kissing me on my cheeks.. I am feeling my entire body becoming warm due to fear and excitement.. I can never forget this moment in my life.. We are starting the wonderful path of our married life..

So friends, how was my love marriage?





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