Anju was shocked and her heart was feeling heavy when she heard about his travel to onsite..

Anju: But you did not discuss with me before…

Aravind: Yes, even I din’t know that this opportunity will come so soon..Will miss you a lot.

Anju: But… I am really disappointed a lot, to be frank..

Anju’s face was soooo sad and her eyes were filled with tears and her heart longed for him.

Aravind: Hey my little angel,,,I simply said to check your reaction…Sorryyyyyyy da chellu!!!! I could clearly see how much love you have on me!!!! Wowww…. I am really lucky..(He was blushing)

Anju was feeling soooo happy…Then he gifted her a new mobile with a CUG SIM FOR HER…Both became close to each other day by day

On Anju’s Birthday:

Aravind called her at 12 ‘0 clock in the morning..

Anju: Hello!!!!

Aravind: Wish u many more happy returns of the day dear!!! Have a happy day..

Anju:Thanks a lot for your wish. I am very very happy to get the first call from you

Aravind: Since I may come home late from office today,, I am sorry that I could not meet you..Shall we meet tomorrow dear?

Anju: Ok… No problem..

Anju longed to see Aravind becoz it was her first birthday after his entry into her life…

Aravind called Anju in the evening::::

Aravind: Started from the office Anju??

Anju: Yes ..Am starting from my desk..

Aravind: Ok dear… go home safe and message me

Anju was leaving out of her office…. Aravind was waiting for her in the reception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Anju saw Aravind and was jumping in joy..

Aravind: Happy Birthday my sweet angel:).. and he gave a present to her
Anju: Thanks a lot ….Anju opened carefully and was curious to know what it is!!!
Anju saw chappatis and paneer butter masala:).. She saw Aravind confused!!!

Aravind: Hey why do you look confused… I learnt it from my mom today and made it for you, as u had said that it is your favourite dish…

Anju: Thanks a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…You are chooooooooooo sweet..

She came near Aravind… Held his hands

and said Thank you so much for coming into my life..I was feeling bad as if why my parents compelled for marriage so soon,, but now I realize what a wonderful wise decision they have taken to bring you into my life … You are the best husband one could get in life…… I cannot bear the happiness that our engagement is going to happen in a week…..

Both of them were full of enthusiasm as the engagement was nearing… Both the families were gearing up for the function.

Everything was totally new to Anju…

Her friend Pooja: Hey stupid girl do a facial before engagement. I have never seen a girl like you who is earning but not spending even a single paise for herself… Also have an oil massage for your hair….

Anju never knew that it would be a wonderful experience and was reluctant to do it as she had gone to beauty parlour only for trimming her hair and all these ideas were totally new to her: O….

Anju was totally different by nature.

Of course she dressed well, wore matching ornaments etc still she was not interested in beautifying herself by going to a beauty parlour. Leave alone beauty parlour, she was not even interested in applying powder or cream on her face. Yet she was bright and beautiful .

Dresses of all colours and also all types of dresses would suit her. So she did not bother about doing a facial or choosing a different hair style…

Pooja: Experience the magical feeling you would get in a beauty parlour de. If you don’t go to the beauty parlour, I won come to your engagement .

So she went to the beauty parlour half hearted.

In the beauty parlour:

Anju: I want to do a facial and oil massage for my hair.

Receptionist: Maam, please find the list of facials available in our parlour.

She was surprised to see these many facials. So she called Pooja to ask which facial she should do…

Pooja: Hey do “Fruit facial” because that would not affect your skin.

Anju: Ok I would like to do a Fruit Facial, she said to the receptionist…

The facial was simply a wonderful experience and she was feeling warm and happy, she forgot the present and drifted to the thoughts about the engagement saree purchase day…..

Anju wanted to gift something special for him as she was sooooooooooo moved by his love…. She wanted to express her love for him….

She had taken both their photos to the Kodak and had imprinted the photos on a mug and a keychain…

She had bought a Fast track watch and had packed all these gifts herself …

Anju was looking extraordinarily cute on that day…. She had taken a hair bath and had worn a bright dress which added to her beauty and she had come with free hair.

Aravind was mesmerized on seeing her beauty….

He wanted to hug her, but controlled himself.

He went close to her and whispered in her ears “You are gorgeous dear. I can’t wait to marry you”.

Anju blushed and then gave him the gifts…

He opened one by one by and was shocked to see so many gifts!!!!! He was moved on seeing the mug and the key chain. He immediately wore the watch she gave him.

Anju: Just like how I am thinking about you every second, you need to think about me every second, that’s why I have gifted you a watch…

Then they started the saree purchase. When she kept the saree and saw whether it suited her, he was enjoying the beauty of his wife …

He was imagining how she would be if she wore the saree and even when he was standing near her, he drifted to a dream as though he was putting his arms around her shoulders and that she was wearing the same saree after their marriage, when Anju brought him back to reality by tapping on his shoulders. Then they selected the saree together. It was greenish blue with light green border colour saree…

Lets how the engagement goes in the next part…


Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 8

Aravind called Anju immediately…

Anju left the room blushing and rushed upstairs….

Aravind: Thank you for accepting my proposal Anju… If I had not got you in my life, I would not have married anyone in this world….

Anju: Really????? I know it’s not the case … she giggles…

Aravind: I promise dear… When I saw you blushing when I entered your house, I was blown away…. Then each and every gesture and move of yours, attracted me towards you…. I have never ever seen a girl as childish and sweet like you… I feel gifted for having got you as my wife!!!!

Anju: Thank you (blushing, her cheeks were blood red )… [She was not sure whether she can call him with his name]… I never felt that I would decide about my life within twenty minutes :O…. And also that I would become mad about a person in just three days….

Aravind: Are you really mad about me??? I can’t believe my ears!!!!!!

Anju: Yes I feel that I have become mad about u…. Every second, I was staring at my mobile after your mom got my number…. I have never been like this… Do you know one thing???? I was keeping my mobile under my pillow, even while sleeping…. And I used to wake up in the night often to see if I had got any messages or calls ….

Aravind: Oh am sorry da… I went on a tour and my mom wanted to confirm with your parents before we speak, so was eagerly waiting to come back and speak to you… Why did you not call me?

Anju: Girls never call guys first … I was sure my parents would not agree for me calling you first….

Aravind: That’s ok no problem da… You are forgiven … Ok tell me what all you like????

Anju: Now I would say I like you …. I generally like Milky bar, gulab jamoon, all sweets.. north Indian dishes, especially paneer butter masala, Nav Rathna kurma…. I like solving puzzles…. Writing codes to provide solutions to problems… And I get the satisfaction, once I am able to solve the puzzle or come up with the logic … In colour, I like Red and honey…. In flowers, I like red rose…. I like teddy bears… I like watching movies…. I always keep listening to music, I love it sooooooooooooo much… Even during work, I always have my handsfree plugged to my ears….

She kept on listing her likes and then asked him his likes:

Aravind: I don’t have any preferences like you….. Anything is fine for me… Till now I have not had any big likes or dislikes… I accept life as it comes…. But you are the only one whom I badly wanted to marry…. Thank you once again for accepting me…. With so many likes and dislikes preferences, you have chosen me, that’s a very greatttt thing!!!!!!

Anju: There is nothing great in that!!!!! I liked you very much and my parents also liked you and your family very much. They thought that I would be happy in your home…

Aravind: Great that they have a thought like that… I will do my level best to ensure that you are happy throughout our life…. I will make you feel as how you were in your home…. Don’t worry, I will take care of you like my kid… Ok dear my mom is calling me…. Will call you later….

Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 7

It was Anju who opened the door.

She was spell bound on seeing the gifts… She liked him even more for making her feel sooo special . She wished him to be near to celebrate this moment of joy. Her mind came up with a special plan for him for making him feel special.

Here, Aravind kept on singing the song “Azhaipaaya Azhaipaaya” meaning “Will you call, Will you call”… He was very dull and disappointed as the day ended in vain. As a mother Sudha, who could understand his every move, planned to help him.

She called Anju’s home and conveyed to her that Aravind’s grandmother likes to speak to her. “Anju, if you are okay, shall I give your number to his grandmother?”

Anju was okay for that, after all she was very respectful and gave her mobile number to her.

Even Anju’s mind was behind Aravind. She thought, why not Aravind accidentally get her number from his mother and call her, as she also wanted to speak to him. She started longing for his call, and what a coincidence! She was also singing the same song!

Anju felt different, as she had first time fallen in love. She felt Love as a magic which turned her life, thinking and behavior upside down just by being with him for few moments.

Here, Aravind was overjoyed as his Mom had got her number. But both went on thinking as how far Anju’s family would take this matter if Aravind rings her before engagement.

Aravind’s family had already planned for a trip to visit few temples and they packed for their trip. The trip went on for two days and both of them started longing to talk to each other.

She expected at least a text from him and kept on staring at her mobile screen, but in vain.

Looking at Aravind, Sudha decided to talk to Anju and called her. After exchanging the formalities,

Sudha: Hi Anju, Aravind likes to speak to you. I would like to speak to your parents to understand if they would mind, him talking to you before Engagement. Beforehand I would like to know your opinion dear..

Anju: Aunty, I will ask my parents and let you know

Sudha: Ok dear take care… Will that be okay for you if I call you by 6 in the evening?

Anju: Ok Aunty..

Anju was too shy to tell her parents but as clock was running as like in a running competition, she at last decided to tell her father. She went to her mother and conveyed the message to her.

Kodhai discussed with Anju’s father who was a bit hesitant first. Kodhai made him understand that it is natural and convinced him for that matter. Kodhai was a forward thinking personality and not reluctant to accept the wishes of the younger generation. For her, parents have to understand the fast growing world and people should adapt accordingly for a peaceful survival.

Even Kodhai wanted Anju to spend some time talking to Aravind for her to understand if the relationship would work before they trap into the marriage bond! She waved a green signal for Anju and encouraged her to speak to Aravind. Anju started feeling restless and was looking forward for the clock to tick 6′.

Sudha was quite busy with her relatives at home. By then Anju was too tensed and her mind started thinking what went wrong and why aunt did not call her yet.

Time was 6:45′. Waving a goodbye to her relatives, Sudha came to the phone and called Anju immediately as Aravind was restless from the time clock ticked 6′

Tring Tring.. Tring Tring.. As Anju was carrying her mobile all the time with her.. she immediately attended the call.

Sudha: Anju, this is Sudha dear..
Anju: Good evening Aunty!

Sudha: Good Evening dear, How was your day?
Anju: It was good aunty. so how was yours?

Sudha: Good ma.. I had few unexpected relatives at home by evening and had to spend some time with them till they started off from home..
Anju: oh ok.. Aunty..

Sudha: Is there anything special from your side?
Anju blushed for few seconds and responded to her: Mom and Dad are okay with it

Sudha: Good to hear Anju, let me first tell this to Aravind. Take care..Convey my regards to your parents. Good night dear!
Anju: Good night Aunty, take care!

Anju was in cloud nine and she was unable to believe what was happening..

Her mobile started ringing.. It was a call from a number which she had stored in her heart(note not even mind ).. Its none other than Aravind!!!

And whats next.. lets see in the next part

Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 2

Anju: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She could not believe her ears…. She was only focused in her career and did not want this to happen…

Anju : What ma!!!! …. I feel that I have to focus on my career now before I get married. After marriage we would not have time to focus much on work and would need to maintain a work life balance. Please don start this topic until I say yes for marriage…. plzzzzzzzz

Kodhai : But we feel that its time for you to get married. Even your best friend Ramya who is working with you has got married, she is even having a kid. Please understand that we are also getting old and that we need to complete our main duties.

This topic continued like this……. Finally Anju ended the topic with

“Please ma and pa understand one thing. I love you both so much and since you have given me lots of freedom and you have always done things as per my wish, I would like to return the favor by doing only arranged marriage. But please give me one or two years to get settled in my career life…. Please understand my position…….”

Anju’s dad (Krishna) : Leave her Kodhai. Her point is valid. Lets wait until she says ok.

Anju jumps up and down with joy… As usual the fun in the family is restored. All the family members enjoy listening to Backstreet boys song “Get Down”…

But life has its own twists:

At Anju’s office, next day:

Normally Anju will be the first person to be in office, but that day it was a surprise for her to see Srinath sitting in her place!!!!!!

Srinath: Hi Anju!!!! Good morning!!!!!

Anju: What a pleasant surprise, why so early??? Want to use my system???

Srinath: No no not at all. I felt comfortable in your place…

Anju got confused…. But she got to work as usual…

Suddenly she opened the drawer (Srinath’s heart beat raced when Srinath heard the sound and he was drenched with sweat) and found a bunch of roses with a letter.

When she opened the letter and read it, she found that it was a love letter from Srinath. A very decent love letter!!!!!!!!!!

Love Letter:

Hi Smiling Beauty,

You are always focused on your career and work. I want to tell you one thing, please note that I will be a ladder in your career life!!!!!
But I wanted to tell that there is also a wonderful world outside, where you can get more joy still focusing on your career and work.
In that wonderful world, only two people are allowed. I am already there, would you also come with me????? Please accompany me to that world by marrying me….. Would you?????

Your ladder,

Wait for Anju’s reaction ….

Love I(N) Arranged Marriage – Part 1

Anjana, working in a MNC , is a workaholic and gorgeous looking, childish, energetic girl who used to attract guys like magnets with her charm. She was very naughty in her home. She was always playing pranks with her brother and most of the time he used to get scoldings for what she did ..
Anju!!!! Anju!!!! Its already 7 dear plz get up soon. That was Kodhai, Anjana’s mother in her sweetest voice.
Ma I have got ready and am waiting for your breakfast!!!!! Whats special today?????
Kodhai :: Today I have prepared Kancheepuram idli…
Ma plz don bore me with this type of a breakfast, plz get me vegetable rice and paneer butter masala…
She was telling this aloud when she heard her mother’s voice “Will prepare all this only if you get up from your bed. Are you going to get up or not Anju :-X”
Then only Anjana realized that she had been sleeping all this time dreaming of her favourite recipe …
Once she got up, she performed her routine activities(which includes only brushing and bathing). She was the pet in her family and hence she did not help her mother in any way. She did not know abc of cooking. Her parents gave her full freedom. She did not even have her food on her own, always mom used to feed her.
At Anjana’s office:
Hey Anjana come on lets go and have a cup of coffee!!!!!!!!! – It was Anjana’s close friends in office.
Can you please get me a cup and give me????? Sorry dear I have lots of work to complete
Hey idiot love your work but don get addicted to it like this :-X :-X You never know when your company will stop loving you!!!!! Whatever we say, you never change!!!! It’s a waste talking to you…. Hey come on girls lets go…..
She used to even have lunch at her desk sometimes at 4.30 in the noon… sometimes not at all … She returns late after finishing all her work and also helping others in their work…
At Anjana’s home, one fine day at 10 PM:
Hey come on Anju, I know that you are very tired now. I have prepared your favourite dishes: Chapathi, palak paneer, gulab jamoon. Come and have dear, Kodhai said and kissed her.
Anju was confused to see her mom so sweet instead of scolding her for coming late.
After dinner,
Ma the dishes were sooooooooooooooooo good… Thanks for preparing all my favourite dishes….
Kodhai :: No prob dear. After all its my duty. Am going to perform one of my most important duty soon . Come to the hall, all are waiting for you!!!!!!
It was Anju’s dad who broke the silence
Anju kutti, you have grown up da. Its time for you to get married….

Anju: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She could not believe her ears…. She was only focused in her career and did not want this to happen…

Lets wait and watch what happens next